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Are you looking to expand your business? Whether yours is a start-up or a seasoned company, taking an enterprise to the next level calls for significant funds injection; what better way to pump up your capital than to leverage the credit options available!
But, Alas! Building Business Credit seemingly is a mysterious mundane task for many business owners. Janelle Jones writes a brilliant 18-page book that breaks down building credit into a tangible step-by-step process. This easy-to-follow guidebook packs vital information to help you effortlessly steer your business credit to six figures!

What's more, she has done all the hard work for you and included a comprehensive list of creditors to work with and zhuzh up your credit history!
Janelle is a passionate and accomplished Digital Marketer and author who has dedicated her time to supporting business owners so they can focus all their energies on nurturing their business.

Are you looking for that tremendous shift in your credit? Grab this invaluable resource and build your business credit rating in record time! Get proactive: become the master of your business destiny! This book is a sure way to get your credit approved!

The Profitable Passion

The Profitable Passion is for anyone who wants to start a side hustle. Many people are working a job and just can’t make ends meet. Every month they say if I just had a little extra money I would… Well if this is you The Profitable Passion is the book for you! Janelle divulges all topics to help you start making money from your passion. Topics range from which passion for choosing, what to charge, how to market it, taxes and so much more. This book has bonus items from the list of 100 side hustles to side hustle checklists. There is also a page of bonus information at the end of the book that makes this book work its weight in gold!

Grant Spreadsheet

The Grant Spreadsheet is here!

The grant spreadsheet is a list of over 700 grants that have no deadline. The grants can help to fund a new business idea or scale a current business. If you are looking for money to make your dreams a reality, this is the list for you. 

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